Introducing HC Photos - Your Source for Impressive Medical Residency Headshots

Elevate Your Medical Residency Application with HC Photos' Professional Headshots

At HC Photos, we specialize in creating top-tier medical residency headshots that help you stand out and leave a strong impression on admission committees.

Client Testimonials - The Impact of Professional Medical Residency Headshots

Real Testimonials - Our Clients Trust Our Expertise for Residency Headshots

Discover how our clients have experienced the transformative power of our professional medical residency headshots in enhancing their applications.

Expertly Crafted Residency Headshots - Present Your Best Self

Present Your Best Self - Expert Medical Residency Headshots by HC Photos

Our commitment to quality ensures that your medical residency headshots reflect your professionalism, leaving a memorable mark on evaluators.

Upgrade Your ERAS Application and LinkedIn Profile with 2 High-Resolutions!
- Our specially selected images come in the perfect 2.5 x 3.5 size at a crisp 150 dpi.
- Plus, you'll receive high-resolution images to elevate your LinkedIn profile, company website, and printing needs.

Female wearing a dark suit posing for a headshot

Elevate Your Application - ERAS Recommends Professional Headshots

ERAS Recommends Professional Headshots - Elevate Your Application

The Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) emphasizes the importance of professional headshots. Discover why opting for a professional portrait is crucial for your application.

Turning Selfies into Success - The Impact of Expert Headshots

From Selfies to Success - The Transformative Power of Expert Medical Residency Headshots

Learn why many medical students choose professional headshots after realizing the shortcomings of self-taken photos. Make a lasting impression with our specialized services.


Convey Confidence Through Expression - Crafting Your Image

Expression and Confidence in Medical Residency Headshots

Your medical residency application headshot should convey confidence and approachability. We work collaboratively to capture an authentic expression that resonates with evaluators.

Get two unique resolutions for your ERAS application images. Now you can have your images in both 2.5 x 3.5 @150 dpi and high resolution - perfect for your LinkedIn profile.

Specializing in Your Specialization - Tailored Medical Residency Headshots

Specialized Medical Residency Headshots - Reflecting Your Field of Expertise

Different medical specialties require different approaches. Discover how our expert headshots cater to your specific field, ensuring a perfect fit for your application.