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Professional business headshots are often a company’s most
important client-facing marketing materials

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When Do I Book A Photo Session?

It’s always best to book your photo session in advance, especially if you are working towards a specific deadline. It’s also important to take the time required for photo selection and editing into account when booking your personal branding session.

Ways To Plan You Headshot Session

Once you’ve set a date for your photo session, we can begin brainstorming ideas. The photos from your personal branding session are should be multi-purpose. They can be used for your website, social media, promotional materials, blogs, ads, headers, banners, and lots more. That’s why planning and analyzing is so important. Knowing where and how you want to use your images will help us understand whether you’ll require vertical, horizontal or square images for your Instagram. If you will want to use text across any of your images, please let us know so that we can plan the image background accordingly.

Different Ways To Build My Brand Description

We ask that you come up with a brief but detailed description of your brand and what it stands for so that we can find ways to bring this across in your images. If there are specific colors that you would like to incorporate, please let us know.

Our goal is to paint the perfect picture of what it is you do, and what sets you apart from your competition. These images will provide an important glimpse into what it would be like to work with you and your company.

Boost Your Reputation And Credibility

Build A Brand That Gets You Clients

Boost Your Reputation And Credibility

Build A Brand That Gets You Clients

What To Do Before Photo Session?

Confirm any hair and make-up appointments one week prior to your session. If you will be coloring your hair, this is the time to do it. The day before your session we ask that you prepare your outfits, ensuring that they’re steamed, pressed and on hangers. If you want to look great in your photos, make sure you are well hydrated on the day of the session and be sure to go to bed early so you will look and feel well rested.

How Do I Feel Comfortable In A Photoshoot?

I do not want to limit your needs or your access to my resources. The last thing I want to do is limit you to sessions metered by the minute. One of the most important things to me is your comfort and relaxation during the session. I know that you are busy and that your time is relevant. I will not rush you nor will I keep you any longer than necessary. I will not shuffle you out because I have a pending appointment after you. You will get the attention you are worthy of and best suited for your needs. I have the expertise to captivate the correct lighting, poses and full structure of a shot but your natural essence is meaningful. A natural expression from you is an integral part. The great service that I can provide for you is much more important to me than the number of sessions I can schedule. I do not want you worried about the minutes left in a timed session. Relaxation and ease is essential.

Relaxing During The Photo Shoot

It is understood that prepping for professional headshot photos can be nerve racking. I will take the time to help you exude congeniality along with your cordial best; exactly what you need for a great headshot. With no limit on your outfit changes, I can set your mind at ease and let you relax for maximum productivity.

I will walk you thru and advise you through out your session. You will not need to guess or worry about your lighting, poses or overall ‘look’. The ultimate goal is the best headshot with no anxiety on your part.

It is important to exude your congeniality and cordial abilities mixed in with your savvy and sense of determination. The initial impression of a headshot is important; therefore all of these elements should form your presentation. I can make this happen for you in a relaxed atmosphere. We will stop at times to look at the images, adjusting what is needed as needed.

Does It Take Days To View The Images?

As I take pictures, they pop up on a large screen for each person to review their pictures as we go.  There’s no guessing involved!

I collaborate with each person to make sure we are getting the images they want. My sessions are very interactive, and I care deeply that people are 100% satisfied with their photos.

Individual Pricing: Headshots & Portraits

We collaborate to create a complete package of promotional photos for your website or social media page, customized just for you. My individual sessions are done at a relaxed pace, allowing time for multiple backgrounds and outfits. You save time because I bring the studio to you!

Corporate Headshot Pricing Options

The Essentials


Two (2) Retouched Images

Perfect for the ENTREPRENEUR
who needs two photos.


Session includes the following:

  • Only Select The Images You Love
  • Selected Images Professionally Retouched
  • Review Your Images On Location
  • Multiple Background Options
  • Unlimited Outfit Changes
  • Additional Images $55 Each
  • In-Studio

Branding Session


Ten (10) Retouched Images

Recommended for the PROFESSIONAL needing to establish a strong brand.

Session includes the following:

  • Only Select The Images You Love
  • Selected Images Professionally Retouched
  • Review Your Images On Location
  • Multiple Background Options
  • Unlimited Outfit Changes
  • Additional Images $55 Each
  • In-Studio, On-Location or Both

Bring A Friend


Two (2) Retouched Images Each

The FRIEND SESSION; show up at the same time and take turns in front of the camera.

Session includes the following:

  • Only Select The Images You Love
  • Selected Images Professionally Retouched
  • Review Your Images On Location
  • Multiple Background Options
  • Unlimited Outfit Changes
  • Additional Images $55 Each
  • In-Studio

Select Your Session

Photography Pricing Overview

I always do my best to work within a client’s budget, and I reward long-term clients with discounted pricing. Every project receives a customized quote that is influenced by the scope of photography required, the number of people photographed and any special request.

Customize Your Session With A Free Consultation

Before your shoot, we will discuss your goals for the look and feel of your images. If you have any questions about how the photography process works, I will answer them. After we have set a your vision, we will create a schedule and plan for your photo shoot. I will guide you though the process.

Would You Travel To Our Office?

I travel to you, saving you time and productivity.  I bring around $15K of photography equipment, ready for everything we discussed in our consultation.

I Am Ready To Book, Now What?

Ready to book?, Please click here or send an email though our contact page with your information and when you are looking to book your session. I will give you a call either way and confirm or answer any questions. A session fee retainer is required to complete the booking session and to save the date.

When Do I Select The Images?

Once wrapped up, we can have a seat with some coffee and review all the images taken throughout the session. At that time, you can select the shots that you believe to be your best for my professional editing and retouching. I will give you my experienced opinion based on the ultimate goal of presentation. You will choose your images individually. I do not want you to waste time and money with something you do not need or want.

Do You Retouch Images?

All final headshots receive advertisement-quality retouching and editing. Retouching includes subtle enhancements for skin, hair, eyes, and teeth. Editing can include anything you want – no request to large or small.

I truly enjoy taking professional headshots and I do not believe you will find another local photographer that will give you all the professionalism and attention that I will. You will have the best quality headshot for exactly what you need it for. Your referral is what keeps my business thriving. I ask that you share your experiences with others that might need my services.

Are You Offering Lifestyle and Team Photo Sessions?

After your headshots have been updated, we can explore creating portraits, team photos, office lifestyle photos, and more. Photography is an important part of your branding, and we want images that match your message. My mission is to capture the essence of your organization in order to help you showcase your expertise with the world.

What if I have a question that you haven’t covered?

No problem! Let’s chat — give us a call us at (559) 859-4313. I’ll be honest – Your photo session is one of the things I’m most excited about. Why? Because I believe you will truly enjoy the experience and walk away with great images.

Let’s get started!

Let me know what you need and how I can help.

I look forward to hearing from you!

If you need an answer quickly, feel free to call or text me at 559.545.0789