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Are you looking to take photos that will create opportunities and open up a career path for you? Then you're in luck! Hector Cavazos' expert coaching and guidance can elevate your image, thus increasing rates of professions success.

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As a professional headshot photographer, I understand that keeping your online image and marketing strategies up to date is the best way to promote your brand. For this reason, your profile picture or icon across social media outlets must always be a quality, current photo that adequately and accurately reflect your present appearance.

LinkedIn profile photos, in particular, should always be professional headshots. This conveys a persona of professionalism and reliability in the workplace. Business headshots are equally important for Bio" and About Me" sections on personal websites and across individual marketing materials. Personal pivots toward a new physical look (ie: haircut or color change) or a new career path indicate it might be time for a headshot change. These lifestyle shifts provide a great opportunity for your headshot to reflect the new changes. Business cards are being substituted more and more with online profile presences; hence, headshots keep you up to date.






Business Headshots

Individuals involved in any form of business or professional industries will benefit from having a great profile picture. Your image is the first impression you make on potential clients, partners, and co-workers; thus, it is important to make this impression count. A good profile picture will capture your unique personality, while the best portraits will include an element of spontaneity. Business portraits can be taken in a photo studio or office setting. We can additionally capture a photo of your employees in a conference room or at their respective offices. Group or team portraits are also important, as they convey a team image of comradery and cohesion. We work with small, medium, and large businesses.




Executive Headshots

Executive portraits are slightly different from business portraits. The executive headshot will dictate the tone of an entire company. In most cases, executives want to communicate a sense of strong leadership while simultaneously appearing approachable and intelligent. It is worthy to note that digital content inclusive of relevant images solicits over 94% more views and engagements. Executives can be photographed in our studio, their office, or an alternate requested location that reflects the organization's mission, goals, and core values.




Actor and Model

The best actor or model headshots open up job opportunities for the person. Your portrait is your first impression, which can go on to make or break you in the creative industry. The best portraits radiate your personality. Your eyes must carry an expression that is engaging and emotional. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Taking headshots for actors and models requires more time to plan and execute in order to get every detail right. The best images will capture the interest of the casting directors as they shuffle through dozens of photos at a time. You want any casting director to pause on your photo, giving it more time than the others. With confidence, approachability, and trust, your headshot will land you the role that you always wanted.

Attorney or Lawyer’s Headshots

Portraits that make you appear professional, honest, and approachable will attract potential clients who are seeking an attorney. You shouldn't endeavor to look angry or tough in your portraits, but rather approachable and professional. Your portrait should reflect your expertise and in-depth knowledge of the law. The best attorney or lawyer portraits are traditionally done with a background that displays law books or courthouse.

We will recommend a change of background facilitated by a modern approach. Instead of boring your prospective clients with the familiar background scene which your competitors are currently using and are aesthetically unappealing, we will present an opportunity for you to stand out from other law firms through your headshot.

Realtor Headshots

Likability is what realtors leverage to win clients. Hence, our job is to ensure your headshot elicits just that. Creating the perfect headshot for our clients in the real estate industry can be done in many ways-the favorite being the use of bold colors. Many realtors additionally prefer taking headshots on location; we agree. Using the backdrop of beautiful property will give a proper undertone to your photo. Either strategy can result in great headshots that are suitable for realtors, leading to more business engagements. Your avatar is the image which potential clients will see first. So, a better headshot is sure to result in positive business transform. With our professional photography services, you get more than what your friend with a nice camera can give you.






Retouching is simply the process the helps transform a great photo into an amazing one! Our creative skill is enhanced by our technical skills. We use Adobe Photoshop to smooth out your skin, remove blemishes, make your eyes pop, and, if necessary, reshape you. Beyond these computer activities and digital techniques, great retouching is an art that reflects the creative expertise of the person behind the photo.

Re-touchers need to know when to stop as overly retouched photos appear fake, phony, and result in reduced quality. The staple of a perfectly retouched image is that it looks natural while the retouching activities are hardly, if even, noticeable.


Details of Headshot


  1.  When retouching the eyes, don't go overboard. Excesses will ruin everything.
  2. Make the eyes slightly larger. This sounds weird
    but achieves a fantastic result. This edit requires
    a very light touch.
  3. Remove the redness and lighten the whites of the eyes.
  4. Make the iris pop by darkening the edge of the eyelid.
  5. Eyelashes can be duplicated or thickened for special close-ups.


  1. Remove any fly-away.
  2. Fix any bare spots.
  3. Highlight, darken or add tint and shine.


  1. De-wrinkle the blouse or shirt.
  2. Remove lint.


1. The key is to see some texture or pores of the skin; hence, softening the skin just enough, but not entirely, is the goal here.
2. Erase bags or dark circles under the eyes.
3. Smile lines.
4. Remove uneven blotches and sun discolorations to ensure a cohesive, consistent skin tone.
5. Perform skin tone adjustment through tanning and whitening. This is used for people with red, flushed, or discoloration across skin.
6. Finally, remove blemishes and blend makeup for a smooth, clean look.


1. Perform a digital diet by adjusting body contours.
2. Reduce neck, under the chin, or face width.
3. Slim legs, arms, or stomach.
4. Remove double chin.

**Note, all techniques should be used on a 'by necessity' basis. Body contouring and alterations are not always used as they are not always necessary.



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In this day and age, professional headshots for women are more important than ever. When you get the best photos of yourself, you beam with confidence. This, in turn, aids you in attracting the right clients and getting the job of your dreams.

However, for all of this to happen, your headshots must be genuine and authentic. When done right, headshots create a lasting impression that shows professionalism, approachability, and personality. This will elevate your image and likeability in the eyes of clients and employers.

When you engage the right professional headshot photographer, the task becomes simple, and the goals turn to achievement. In our years of taking bespoke headshots, we have put together recommendations gathered while working with professional and business-oriented women.

We recognize how important your photos are to your online presence and the general perception you portray. We want to line you up for success by positioning you for incredible, leveraging headshots.

Looking your best for professional headshots is key to setting a great first impression. Here are some essential tips that every woman should follow when preparing for her professional photos!

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What to Wear

To ensure the the best headshot pictures, it's important to dress in well-fitted clothing and solid colors. We recommend avoiding white tops, since this color grabs too much attention and takes away from what should be focused on: your face!



Avoid loud colors or busy patterns. By wearing solid colors, you are putting focus to yourself and your face rather than your outfit. Vibrant colors get more attention, so if you want to get noticed with your headshot, wear more vibrant colors.



Natural, simple hair styles are always in style. Master the perfect hairstyle and makeup routine before taking pictures so people will be able recognize who they're seeing when it comes time meet. Make sure your hair is similar, if not the same, in your photo and in person.



It is always good to stay hydrated. Drinking plenty of water for few days leading up to your photo session will keep ensure hydration and help your skin look amazing.


Relax and have fun

Try not to stress too much, as these negative emotions will reflect in your photos. Relax and enjoy the process. Getting a genuine smile from you is vita, and this is only possible when you have real emotion during your photo session.



We take you through the essentials to get optimal results during your next photo session.


Your hairstyle should reflect how you look on a day-to-day basis. When someone sees your headshot online, it should be representative of how you look person. It is advisable to look like your photo to avoid unnecessary surprises when you meet someone for the first time after the person might have seen your photos. This method also ensures a sense of authenticity and reliability. If you do not look like your headshot, this may convey a sense of falsity and untrustworthiness.


So, how do you style your hair for a headshot?

1. Getting your hair done the day of your photo session is optional but not recommended.
2. If you normally wear your hair straight, don't get it styled with too many curls. Again, we are going for a natural look.
3. When cutting and coloring your hair, it is better to have it done a week before your headshots are taken. This will also help ensure a more natural look.
4. Avoid frizzy fly-away's in your photo by washing your hair the night before the headshot or having it styled the day of the photoshoot. Apply products that help keep your hair in place.
5. Remember, we want the focus on your face. We should be able to see both eyes and both eyebrows. Don't hide behind your hair.

Wardrobe and Clothing

  1. Wear well-fitted, flattering clothing.
  2. Avoid low-cut tops.
  3. Long sleeved blouses are ideal for headshots. The less skin you show, the better.
  4. Choose colors carefully. Your outfit should not blend too much with your skin tone.
  5. Toned down blues, purples, greys, and blacks are always good colors to wear for the headshot.
  6. Undergarments should remain hidden and should not be visible through your top.
  7. Your wardrobe should reflect the value you want your headshot to portray.
  8. Wear appropriate attire that resonates with your field or industry

For Jewelry

  1. If you wear jewelry at all, keep it to a minimum.
  2. Necklaces can constitute a distraction in a headshot.
  3. Big, shiny earrings will divert the focus from you.
  4. It is not advisable to wear elaborate jewelry in a
    professional headshot.


Color Choices

  1. The best color choices are plain colors.
  2. Patterns can be distracting in a headshot photo and should therefore be avoided.
  3. Avoid flesh tones, beige, browns, peach, or yellows. These colors will blend your face and skin into the outfit.
  4. Color choices are better in the mid-tone range.
  5. Purples, blues, and greens can be flattering; black and grey are a better bet.
Female black blouse

Skin and Beauty Tips

If you decide to wear makeup in your headshot photo, have it done by a professional and be sure to tell them to make you look natural. The purpose of makeup is to enhance your beauty and conceal minor blemishes; hence, there is no need to overdo it. Never forget that your look in the headshot photo must reflect how you look in real life.


  1. Wearing makeup will look good in photos.
  2. Ensure the makeup is applied evenly.
  3. Maintain what you wear daily so your photos will match how you look.
  4. Avoid heavy makeup. No one has perfect skin; you don't need to conceal all blemishes.
  5. Think natural, not glamour.
  6. Get enough rest the night before the photo session.
  7. Staying hydrated serves the skin well.
  8. Avoid facial treatments; masking and waxing should be done at least a day before.
  9. It is a great idea to moisturize your skin before the photo session.
  10. Don't try new products before your photo session; keep to your normal products.
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The Right Mindset

The right mindset is an invaluable asset for the photo session; hence, mental preparation is a great idea. The right mindset will enhance your confidence level throughout the period and help you muster up the emotions necessary for the look you want. Hire a professional photographer you know and trust. Rest, relax, and enjoy your time with the photographer. Organize your outfits the night before; avoid any unnecessary rush and stress.

  1.  Get plenty of rest
  2. Exercise
  3. Relax
  4. Avoid alcohol the night before the photo session
  5. Stick to your plan
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Taking great headshot photos is not a complicated task when you have the right photographer to walk you through the process and ensure amazing headshot photos.