What Makes a Good Headshot for Business?

Appearance is important in almost any field. If you have a business, you want your website and office to be cleaned and maintained. This will give customers a good image of your business. If given the choice between two businesses, one with a messy office and one with a clean office, more customers will lean towards the clean office. A business headshot heavily relies on appearance. Therefore, a combination of things will be needed in order to have a good headshot. Of course, your hair is something that should be considered before taking your headshots. For men, you will want to have a clean haircut. If you are a woman, you might want to consider getting your hair done by a professional. If you choose to go this route, you should remember to keep it simple. You do not want to pick an extravagant hairstyle that looks nothing like the way you normally look. You want to look good but recognizable at the same time. Clothes and jewelry are also important. 


Posture and Tone 


Although posture is not something that you “wear”, it is equally as important as the clothes you choose to wear for your headshots. Poor posture can portray something such as a lack of confidence. Even if that is not your intention, whoever is viewing your headshots may interpret it that way. This goes along with what tone you want your headshots to have. Are you going for professionalism or a more friendly and relaxed tone? Whatever the case, you want to have this chosen before your photoshoot. Choosing it in advance will help your photographer recommend poses that will help you get your point across. 




Transparency is something that may not seem important, but it is one of the most important things in a photoshoot. You should be as transparent as possible with your photographer. If they have you doing a pose you feel uncomfortable with, please let them know! You do not want to appear like you are being forced to do something. You are paying money for your headshots and want to be satisfied with the results. You should let your photographer know of any requests or personal ideas you feel may influence your headshot. For example, some people believe they have a “good side”. If you communicate this with your photographer, they can work with you in order to focus on the side that you choose. 


You will feel more confident and this will be apparent in your pictures. In return, you will feel more satisfied with your headshots and that is the ultimate goal. Smiling is something else to keep in mind. Some people do not like their teeth. If your photographer does not know you feel this way, they may insist that you show your teeth when smiling. Again, this may cause you to feel uncomfortable and that is the last thing you want. Telling your photographer how you feel about smiling will help them understand how to make you feel more relaxed. It is possible to have a great smile without showing your teeth. All you need to do is share this information with your photographer. They are there to help and you should not be embarrassed to tell them how you are feeling. Imagine how many clients they have worked with throughout the course of their career. Chances are that by this point they have heard it all! 

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Hector Cavazos