What to Wear For Family Portraits?

Deciding what to wear can be a challenging task. Finding the perfect outfit for yourself is difficult enough and trying to coordinate the outfits for a group of people will certainly be much more difficult. The best thing to do is take it step by step. For example, you can start with color. Most people who take family portraits do it with the intention of displaying their pictures somewhere in their home after they are taken. A good reference point is to analyze the color scheme of the room in which you plan to display your pictures. If the color scheme of the room is bright colors, you will want the outfits in the pictures to match those colors. Seasons are also something you can use to guide your color selection. If you are taking fall pictures, then brown, orange, and red will probably be your best bet.

Patterns and Logos

Another thing to keep in mind are patterns and logos. You should try not to have too many patterns in your clothing and try to avoid logos at all cost. These pictures are meant to highlight you and your family. Excessive patterns and logos may be distracting and will draw attention away from the actual people in the pictures. Something else you should consider when choosing your clothes is the background of your pictures. If you are taking the pictures in a studio and will be using a backdrop, then you should make sure to choose a color that will pair well with the backdrop. You do not want to wear a color that will get lost and blend in with the backdrop. Clothing collections have become increasing popular in family photographs. There are stores that carry clothing collections and going with this option may save you a lot of time.

Do I Need Matching Outfits?

No. Many people confuse matching with coordinating. It is possible for a family portrait to look cohesive without everyone wearing the same outfit. For example, if one person is going to be wearing jeans and a polo, it does not mean everyone else has to wear that as well. This is where coordination comes into play. Rather than trying to get everyone to wear a similar outfit, you should try to make sure the colors coordinate with each other. A good way to do this is to pick two main colors and then a few other colors that will complement the main two. This will give people more options when choosing an outfit, while at the same time ensuring there is some sort of organization.

Are Accessories a Good Idea?

The answer is both yes and no. Let’s start with the no. Generally speaking, accessories are not a good idea for kids. For starters, getting children to cooperate with posing is a daunting task itself and adding any distractions into the equation will only increase the difficulty. Additionally, many children tend to dislike taking pictures and they will use the accessories to hide their faces. For example, a hat can seem like a great idea until one of the kids decides to cover their face with it. Therefore, it is easier to just try and avoid accessories when it comes to children. Accessories may be a good idea for adults depending on what the accessory is. Many can be used to add texture to the picture. A scarf or hat can look magnificent if paired with the proper clothing. Also, do not undermine the power that smaller accessories can have. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc, can all work wonders and add style to your pictures. Feel free to experiment with different combinations. Of course, this should be done in advance. The last thing you want to do is spend your photography time trying to pick the perfect outfit.


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