Company headshots

What are company headshots?

A headshot used to be a traditional portrait that was used by actors or business people to market themselves, but today after the digital revolution company headshots have become a huge part of marketing and branding to consumers and in employee recruitment. They have created a visual representation of competence and reputation for both professional individuals and companies in various industries. Company headshots should be planned ahead of time so that all of the employees have plenty of time to be ready for it. Company headshots can be done wherever you choose. The headshot photographer can come to your office and set up the backdrop, lighting, and everything that is needed. You can also choose to have your company headshots outdoors if weather permits. 


What is a corporate photographer?

A corporate photographer is someone who specializes in professional company headshots. You should keep an open line of communication with your headshot photographer so that they know exactly what your needs and wants are. They can recommend colors, style and influential factors based on how you would like your company and employees to be seen. You want to be able to accurately depict what your company is about, so you can brand and sell your product or service. It is very important to choose an experienced photographer who can make recommendations as needed and most importantly someone who has a good rapport with other companies.


Why should my company hire a headshot photographer?

A professional photo can attract new clients, but one taken by someone who may not know a lot about photography can also harm your organization’s reputation. You can only make one first impression and it is very important that your photos look professional! People are far more likely to believe that you are trustworthy, dedicated, and successful if you have high-quality photographs that promote your business. Companies who do not invest in professional photography might just use any old photo, which can project that they might be lazy, sloppy, or distracted in the workplace. Plus, these professional photos do not only have to be headshots, but it can also be your team working on a project, having fun in different environments. These photos can be used all throughout your website, social media pages, and much more. Another great way to utilize professional branding photos is to place them in newsletters and email blasts. Wherever you place them, make sure they look their best.


What kind of companies hire a professional company photographer?

Various companies hire company headshot photographers because we live in a digital age where all companies should have some kind of presence online. Therefore, headshots and company photos have become a necessity for web pages, social media accounts, advertisements, and more. 


How much does a company headshot session cost?

Most photographers will have a traveling fee that can range from $50-$300+ depending on where they have to go. Don’t forget to ask your photographer if there is a per person charge, this type of fee can range from $25-$1000+.  Just remember, photographers are running a business and expect to be asked questions like these, so don’t be shy and ask away. 


What is the easiest, most affordable way to take headshots?

The most affordable way to get your company headshots done is by doing it at the photographer’s studio or by choosing their least expensive package. Most company photographers have several different price options. Some photographers may even customize their pricing according to your needs. 


Do I have to bring my own clothes in a photoshoot?

Yes, you need to bring your own clothing to the company photoshoot. You may want to bring 1-2 outfits to change into. Your photographer can recommend what to wear and what colors may be most suitable for your group. Sometimes dressing alike might seem like a good idea and other times being abstract and allowing each employee to dress as they choose may be the best way to go. 


How long does a photoshoot session last?

A company headshot session can last anywhere from one hour to three hours depending on how many photos each employee wants, how many employees the company has, and how many different styles you wish to try. Sometimes companies like to do company headshots indoors to display professionalism and then do something more abstract and free outdoors. It is important to schedule your photoshoot on a day that does not have lots of deadlines, meetings, or anything else that can cause stress to your employees because we want them to look their best and have time to prepare themselves.

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