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Headshots are essential in today’s work world because, for a company, professional headshots may bring in their next contract or lead, for an actor it may land them their next role, for a real estate agent it may bring them their next potential buyer and so forth. Are you thinking about investing in headshots, but not sure if it is worth the investment? Let’s break this down and analyze the different options and prices in the market. It is very important to inform yourself and keep yourself updated with the online world to make the best decision possible.


How much should you pay for a professional headshot?

When pricing is talked about most people naturally jump right into the cheaper option of things, but cheaper is not always better. If there is a photographer offering a Groupon for a professional headshot at $50 with not many good reviews versus a professional photographer with many great reviews charging $150; the correct route to go with would be the $150 option because you will save a lot of headaches and money. Sometimes we settle for less and it ends up costing us much more. How? Well, let’s say you go with the $50 deal and the reviews turn out to be true and he/she does not do a good job or maybe the touch up was not included. Now, you will have to pay additional for a touch-up and go home with photos you are not happy with. So, will you settle for less or take a chance with a much more experienced photographer, which means now you will have spent $200 total. Headshot photographers with a great reputation and portfolio are well worth paying over the $150 price range. 


What is the price for a reasonable headshot?

Now that we understand that a reputable photographer is well worth the money, let us talk about what reasonable headshot prices should look like. The average cost of a reasonable headshot photographer is $100-$250 an hour but can vary by city, state, and region.  For that price range, your session should include at least one of your favorite photos touched up if not more. It can also include anywhere from 30-20 unedited photos and even different backgrounds. 


How is photography valued / assessed / priced?

There are several factors that lead to a final headshot price, like the time spent for your headshot session, the number of photos, quality of equipment, number of outfits and retouched photos.  One of the most important factors is the degree of experience the photographer holds. People pay millions an hour for specific photographers because of their talent because not every photographer will have a specific eye, vision, photoshop capabilities, or specialty that someone is looking for. Also, there are certain industries that require more from a photographer than others. For example, company headshot should be lower than someone who is aiming for a series of high-fashion or abstract images.


Is it worth the $150 for a Linkedin Headshot?

Believe it or not, Linkedin profiles with photos get 21 times more views and 36 times more messages than those without, according to Linkedin expert Blair Decembrele. So, is it worth paying $100-$150 for a Linkedin headshot photo? Absolutely! You need to have your best face, posture, and clothes forward. Your headshot brings out the real person in the online world, so you need to make it professional and appropriate. Even if you do not know what to wear or how to look, your photographer will have lots of experience and can guide you to look your best. 


What is the average rate a photographer will charge per hour?

Photographers will charge anywhere from $80-$300+ an hour depending on your wants and needs. Headshot prices vary by location, the complexity of style wanted, the number of touchups wanted and more. Many photographers will also have mini sessions available, which may take less than an hour and cost you less too. If your photographer is a beginner or amateur he/she may charge you up to $50 an hour.  Professionals, for the most part, will be $100 and over an hour. 


How much does it cost to retouch a photo?

When purchasing a photo session package, make sure to be clear on how many retouched photos you get. Retouching prices do vary from photographer to photographer, but with headshot prices, there will be a certain number that is included. If additional retouching is needed, some charge $25 an hour and others charge $25 per photo. Although someone with a graphic artist skill level retouching will charge $100 per photo.


How much does a company group headshot cost?

Headshot prices for a group are broken down into a few different options. Photographers have a per person charge which ranges from $100-$300 per person, but can be cheaper if for example he/she will spend 5 minutes per person rather than 30 minutes per person. The more that attend the photo session, the cheaper the price will be per person. Some photographers may require a minimum number of people to come out. A travel and setup charge is also typically required starting at $75-$200 and any additional retouching will be charged for also.


Are headshots expensive?

When a photographer comes to mind we first picture a man or a woman with a camera taking many magical shots. What we do not see is the long hours spent behind the computer, the office rent he/she has to pay, the cost of insurance, time spent, the cost of equipment and much more. A $150 session would not amount to the cost of equipment that they use, neither could you rent out the gear for that much. Although the equipment isn’t everything because skill and expertise play a huge role also. There is a huge difference in the type of retouching the photographer does. He/she may be using a cheap automated retoucher or maybe spending over 30 minutes per photo. For the most part, you will certainly see the difference. Lastly, don’t you think that photographers deserve credit for the thousands of hours they have put into their line of work in order to deliver you the perfect image? Professional headshot pricing is very competitive for the most part and is well the investment in the long run.

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