Why hire a professional photographer for your business headshot?

The difference between making a sale and losing one to your competitor is entirely down to your presentation. When looking for a person/professional that specializes in a field such as a real estate agent, lawyer, doctor, or an SEO consultant, the first thing that I look at is, does person appear credible and trustworthy? I then read their bio and any additional information I need to make a decision on moving forward.

I give value and credit to someone who took the time and made an investment in having a professional headshot taken by a professional photographer.

You need your brand to be unique, not just ‘another’ selfie with bad lighting or a busy background. Many people think this can be achieved with a smartphone in the corner of their office or in a hallway… But this isn’t the best way.

Think about it; Let’s say you’re looking for a professional portrait photographer for family photography or your high school senior is in need of a senior portrait session. You search online and find two photographers.

The first photographer appears to be a jack of all trades, the website is not user friendly, images look excessively retouched, less expensive, and there is no clear message or process on how they will solve my need to hire a professional photographer problem.

The second photographer is a larger investment but they have a clear message on how to address the problem, the website looks professional and well maintained, there are several samples from previous jobs, reviews are positive, and they made an investment having their own picture taken by a professional photographer.

Hopefully you will select the portrait photographer that will meet your goals and provide a level of service that exceeds your expectations.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind while reviewing a photographers portfolio before making a decision to hire a professional photographer for your business headshots or family portraits.

1. Images with the background too bright

One of the main issues we see with all types of photography is when the background is too bright, it hasn’t been balanced properly with the foreground light.

In the very worst cases, it is so bright you can see light bleed around the person. This overspill light means that you can’t see the person’s features properly.

2. Details are lost due to poor lighting experience or no lighting

Lighting a person correctly is vital to being able to show correct skin tones and expression effectively. While many think that lighting is the easy part of photography by placing the person in bright sunshine or simply turning on the camera and flash and placing it in “Auto” mode.

3. Photographer is not directing the client correctly

A professional photographer should take control of each situation so the client can be coached and directed to exceed their expectations while minimizing any confusion.

Most people want to experience a fun photo shoot and this should be one of many goals for the photographer. Overcoming fears, anxieties, and nervousness in clients will help create a positive connection with each client.

4. Distracting background with walls, buildings or parking lots

When reviewing images take a look at the subject and whats behind the subject. Every image should tell a story. An experienced photographer will pay attention to the scene ensuring there are no distractions in the background, nor in the foreground for that matter.

Keeping a background simple from distraction or bright light can improve the overall look of the image. Depending on the photographers lens selection, it’s common to see a background blurry. This style of photography can make the subject appear separated from the background and as a result of this, the viewer attention will be drawn to the item or person.

5. Poor lighting techniques. Images do not stand-out or pop

Have you seen images that take your breath away? You might not know how they were taken, but something about them seems magical.

There are several different types of light a photographer can use; to name a few there are LED lights, strobes in soft boxes, natural light or a combination of any of the three. Creating separation can have some amazing results.

I hope this information was helpful in answering some questions. There are so many great photographers out there just be sure to do your homework.

Bonus Tip For Photographers:

“Photography is an art form, but making a career of it depends on a series of business decisions. As a photographer, your primary goal is to deliver high-quality products to your clients every time. But taking pictures, meeting with clients, planning shoots, and storing your equipment comes with many variables that aren’t easy to control. Photography business insurance can help protect you against financial damages from lawsuits involving injury, destruction of property, or professional negligence. Before you point and shoot, be sure to brush up on why photographers need business insurance.” –coverhound.com/insurance

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me here or schedule a session. I look forward to working with you!

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